I can see an improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin. Now when I wear makeup, my skin has a nice complexion.

Sherene L.,
 Hong Kong


I used your organic serum for the first time last night and I already could feel the difference to my skin. I have absolutely dry and sensitive skin but soon after I applied the serum, my face feels so moist and supple. I am really please with your serum and I hope all of your fans will give it a try.

Margaret T.Y.,
 Markham, ON, Canada


My mom and I have been using your products for many years. We recommended others to use your products. Loving your new line of skin care, especially the Organic Camellia Oil, very suitable for our sensitive dry skin. Every night I also apply the eye lotion. I also recommend the organic peppermint lip balm with a fresh organic menthol scent; it'll definitely make our lips less dry in winter times. 

Edward K.,
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Every night before I go to sleep, I use Rose Brightening Serum and Rose Brightening Cream. The scent is very calming, and it feels very light, creamy, moisturizing and melts onto the skin. I also use the Organic Rosewater Hydrosol Mist before applying foundation. It allows the foundation to go on very smoothly and evenly, so I don't have to use as much foundation. It also gives natural “glowing” look and feels very refreshing. So lovely!

Lesley T., 
Markham, ON, Canada


My favorite is the Organic Jasmine Serum. It works great for me! I normally do not use scented creams because my skin is very sensitive and will react to it. However, the aromatherapy facial serums do not give me any problems. I love it and hope that there will be more products like this soon!

Natalie K., 
Markham, ON, Canada


I love the Organic Jasmine Serum. The scent is relaxing and the texture of the serum is just perfect. Not too oily, nor too watery, leaving my skin fresh and soft.

Claudia C., 
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada