RF V Forever Plus

RF V Forever Plus
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Based on the function of ionic, the Galvanic Facial Spa adopts international high-tech technology, which enhances the effect of intelligent negative ions, and through the program pre- set function, it massages facial acupoints and channels, thus achieves the effect of facial beauty.
With humanized design, fashion & smart cell-phone feature, it is easy to carry and use. Also the intelligent display screen shows you the whole process of technology beauty.

Function 1: Activate golden ions.

As the growth of age, the skin metabolism slows down, and the collagen elastin proteins reduce, thus the skin becomes loosen and wrinkles formed. Through the cells resonance technology, V Forever Plus Galvanic Facial Spa stimulates the fibroblast of the dermis to create proteins continuously everyday. Thus repairs the cracked elastin fibers, and finally removes deep wrinkles. 

New – born skin state
Heat and micro – current affects the wrinkle bottom
Collagen and elastin proteins synthesizes
The effect after one course of treatment

Function 2: Excrete Germanium metabolites.
The dermis collagen loosen and the hypodermis are the main reasons that cause side face skin sagging, facial contour fuzzy and facial proud flesh.
V Forever Plus Galvanic Facial Spa stimulates and consolidates facial muscle through micro – current, thus restores skin vigor, reshape facial contour, eliminates sagging.
Contract lip angle, remove eye bags and eyebrow profile. In the meantime, it can increase Germanium ions and adjust the skin microcirculation and lymphatic return, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin collagens, enhances skin metabolic function.

Function 3: Micro – current Skin Lifting
The high frequency wave moves into skin deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue accurately, which causes the skin bottom temperature rises rapidly, stimulates the dermis perspire more new collagen to fill the void caused by atrophy and loss of collagen. Along with the collagen hyperplasia gradually, sagging or relaxation skin can be ascended and get rearrangement, so as to increase skin true cortex thickness and density, fill and level up fine lines, restore elastic and radiant skin. 
How to massage
Forehead: As shown in the picture, glide the device from bottom to top, from center to sides, and massage between eyebrows.

Side faces: From bottom to top, massage from the lower jaw to temple.

Parts under eyes (Nasolabial trigonum, cheeks and cheekbone area): Massage from the lower jaw to top along the diagonal. 

Neck: Massage from bottom to top. Avoid thyroid projection area.

Double chin: Massage from the middle of the lower jaw to aural region. Try to avoid the center part of the throat.

Eye bags/ black circles: Massage from the center of the face, and glide along the eye socket, then move to the aural region, it is not suggested to massage near the eye balls.

Nasolabial Wrinkles: Massage toward outside along the diagonal lines on the cheeks, smoothen wrinkles.

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