Normal Skin

Characteristics of Normal Skin 

  • Usually has an even texture and tone.
  • Normal skin is completely healthy and is the rarest skin type.
  • The pores appear small and the skin has a healthy glow.
  • Pimples are rare, but still happen, mostly during younger years. 
  • In youth is smooth, finepored and soft; with age it becomes dry, wrinkled, and marked with "age-spots".

Skin Care for Normal Skin 

  • Normal skin needs no extensive care.
  • It can be treated simply with a mild cleanser, hydrosol mist, a hydrating serum and a light moisturizer or facial oil.
  • Suitable ingredients and essential oils for the care of normal skin are:
    grapefruit, cucumber, Roman chamomile, lavender, geranium, neroli, rose, jasmine, sea minerals, honey and propolis.
Daily Skin Care Steps
Step 1: CLEANSER (Foam or Gel Cleanser for spring & summer or Creme Cleanser for fall & winter)
Step 2: HYDROSOL MIST (any kind)
Step 3: SERUM (for face & eye)
Step 4: MOISTURIZER (Light Moisturizer for spring & summer or Facial Oil for fall & winter)
1-2 Times a Week: MASQUE (exfoliating masque for spring & summer or moisturizing masque for fall & winter)

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